UGG is a general term for wool boots that originated in Australia

UGG is a general term for wool boots that originated in Australia and does not refer to a brand!

The so-called first-tier city counters, Ole, foreign duty-free shops are actually advertised in the United States as the main brand of fashion products such as snow boots. In other words, in Australia, UGG is just a general term for fur boots. There are a lot of Australian snow boots, and the UGG classics in Australia can get a pair of five or six hundred, which is very cost-effective.

The Australian sheep is twenty times the population, and Australia is the most rigorous country in the world, so there are no fakes and the market is pure. Australian snow boots can only be sold in Australia, and most of the Chinese do not know the Australian native snow boots. United States, Australia UGG difference

So at this time, the first lesson of the popular science, it is possible that the old sister and the old sister are both talking about UGG is not the same thing! In fact, Australia also has UGG Australia, the logo of the two is completely different in the United States is UGGaustralia, Australia is UGG Australia, “a” is case-sensitive! UGGustralia is the first UGG brand to enter the Chinese market. The price of the counter is very high and it is not grounded. Most of the shoes are made in China, so the price is definitely not as good as the original ugg in Australia.

Advice: Australia’s purchase of UGG five hundred and six hundred is normal, the US version of UGG five or six hundred brought back, you have to be careful, it is likely a high imitation of a treasure ~

For this reason, the friendship between the two countries has been torn for decades, but because of the legitimacy of US trademark patents in the international market, it is no longer enough!